Working with Chuck was a pleasant and positive experience. He was personable, knowledgeable and always there to address our questions/concerns in a prompt and efficient manner. He made us feel welcomed in the neighborhood even before we closed on our home by introducing us to existing and future neighbors at his get togethers. Above and beyond! -Scott and Sandy R.

When Barb and I we’re thinking of moving to a new location with walkable amenities, we saw an open house sign for Kenwood Hills. We stopped and we’re surprised to meet sales people, bit also recent buyers and other prospects. We then made an appointment with Chuck Ryan. He listened to what we were looking for and used an approach I was happy about…he didn’t sell us a house, but rather helped us to buy one. There’s a difference. His years of experienced helped to make wise decisions on the myriad of options available. We felt confidence in his attention to detail and was always available for any questions or concerns we had. We had many walk throughs during the building process and explained everything that was being done and what was to come. The ground breaking ceremony was a fun event we had not expected and the JMS parties at the model home gave us a chance to meet our new neighbors. It’s only been a few months now, but we are very happy about our buying and building experience. -Mike and Barb C.

Well first of all, Nancy and I have thoroughly enjoyed the building experience we have had with JMS. Everyone within the JMS family has been wonderful to work especially Chuck Ryan. His professionalism, attention to detail and patience in guiding people through the sometimes difficult process of building a homemade the whole journey very enjoyable for us. It took us three years to finally make the decision to build in Kenwood Hills. But from the time that decision was made until even today, we could not be happier with the choice we made. Chuck Ryan had a lot to do with that and we thank him very much for all the help and expert advice he gave us along the way. –Al & Nancy G.

We wish to thank all the employees of JMS and the subs who worked on our home. They were very professional and the quality of work was as expected. Let me say without the oversite of Chuck Ryan our sales associate I am not sure the whole project would have been pulled together in such a timely and quality manner. He continued to check out the progress and monitored the daily progress and pointed out items needing correction of items which were not up to par. Chuck helped design the home with his expertise and previous experience which lead to a complete and satisfied Home owner with the details we will enjoy for years to come. I would surely recommend Chuck to anyone who might to discuss homes in this development or others being built by JMS Homes. Thanks again to all involved. -Al and Kathy G.

“Quality, commitment and integrity are the hallmarks of JMS Custom Homes. It is for this reason that we would recommend them to our friends and family without hesitation.” — The Bauer’s, a 3-time client

“JMS Custom Homes wasn’t chosen for the quality of their customer homes, though exceptional, but rather for the quality of Jeffrey Schoenwetter and his team’s character.” — The Benkovich’s

“We really love our new home and look forward to the reaction of our parents as they see it for the first time this weekend. It sure feels like home to us!” — The White’s, a 3-time client

While we will still need to work with you to add the crown molding in this DR / front entry, now that the ceiling is finally corrected it just looks great! I took the first photo (with the lights on) from where the patch job was, and as you can see only one small edge of it is even visible so other than all of us, no one will ever know what it has looked like. Allan brought out the Medallion earlier this week and he did a great job of both mounting it, as well as just finishing it off a few minutes ago, while George and his crew were in all day yesterday doing the painting and sanding touch up’s (including also painting this Medallion). Both of them did a great job for us so it is really nice to now have this chapter wrapped up after trying to figure out over the past 3+ months how it might get successfully resolved. Thanks for staying with this task as we are now completely pleased with the look of this Medallion, and once we can arrange for the crown molding it will then finish off the more formal look for our DR as it will easily become one of the nicest rooms in our beautiful new home! – Brian Howell

We love our new house and our two representatives have always followed up with every question we had, it was a wonderful experience. – Jason Kalenborn

We were introduced to JMS Custom Homes by Chuck Ryan on August 1, 2014. By the end of August we had selected a lot, in the Trace Water Addition, and were on our way to designing a custom home of our own. With Chuck Ryan and Stephanie Morris guiding our every move and selection our design was complete in what seemed like a few short months. Construction began in December, managed by Mark Halvorson, and we closed on April 30, 2015. Throughout the process we were supported by a team of professionals all dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service with unmatched integrity. From Chuck, Stephanie, Mark, and many behind the scenes, they helped us build a truly custom home as if it were their own, and treated us as if we were their most important customer. Success for them is validation that the customer is completely satisfied and they all work tirelessly to ensure this. If you desire a custom home, without reservation, we believe that JMS Custom Homes is your best one stop shop. We could not have been more pleased with our new home and the courtesy of the JMS experience. – Tom and Mandy Urness – Savage, MN

I love working with you, Steph! – Krista Badola

Thank you and you were a pleasure to work with too. It is great to see all of the selections come together and see that what I selected actually complements each other. – Michelle Kalenborn

Thanks for the kind words and thank you so much for all your time, creative talent, help, and advice during the selection process! I am very happy and pleased with everything about the house beginning with the plan design, including the darker woodwork I was so afraid of, the beams, the cabinetry, the light fixtures, all the flooring, the stone selection, to the paint colors on the walls, so many decisions all made with your and Chuck’s guidance and expertise. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with you, Steph, in creating our home. What I once thought was an impossiblity, has become a reality thanks to Chuck, you, and Mark! I hope Jeff and Nancy truly know what an amazing team they have in you guys! – Mandy Jurness

I borrowed many of your ideas from various homes! Greg has been outstanding & we appreciate his attention to detail. We are very excited about our new home! – Rhonda Greene